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|[ Der Oberst hat niemand, der ihm schreibt ]|
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Внимание! Здесь по пятницам, а изредка и в другие дни, появляются изображения обнажённой натуры. Тем, кто не хочет их лицезреть в явном, так сказать, виде, рекомендуется руководствоваться соответствующими инструкциями.
Прекрасное, я считаю, высказывание, с какой стороны не посмотри:

[...] Если у женщины до рождения ребенка было семь мужчин – значит, сто процентов бесплодие. Интересная тема, да? Сразу все оживились. Так что задумайтесь.

Владимир Викторов
министр здравоохранения Чувашии
кандидат медицинских наук

20th-Feb-2018 11:07 am - о 'кель скандаль'
Why did Olympic broadcaster show replay of exposed breast?
[ MARTIN ROGERS | February 20, 2018 | via USA Today ]

Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron,
tend to her dress after a wardrobe malfunction

GANGNEUNG, South Korea – How much is too much? Well, when you have a figure skater whose breast accidentally pops out of her costume during a routine, and you not only show it on television but zoom for a slow-motion replay of the mishap, that’d be too much.

Such is the case of unfortunate French ice dancer Gabriella Papadakis and the Olympic Broadcasting Service. The OBS provides images and video to more than 100 countries from these Winter Games, including the figure skating competition.

When Papadakis’ halter-top dress became unfastened at the beginning of her performance alongside partner Guillaume Cizeron in the short dance on Monday afternoon, the cameras kept rolling as she fought to protect her modesty while still executing the key elements required by the judges.

More: French ice dancer Gabriella Papadakis devastated after embarrassing wardrobe malfunction

More: Father of ice dancer Gabriella Papadakis says wardrobe malfunction 'won't knock her down'

Within a minute of the routine ending, the painful and embarrassing slow-mo kicked in, including shots of Papadakis’ partially-exposed breast and her nipple, and was seen both on the big screen in the Gangneung Ice Arena and around the world.

When asked about the decision to replay the wardrobe malfunction, the OBS told USA TODAY Sports, it “covers athletic performances and followed our standard transmission of replays as we have with every other athlete and this includes the finale of the performance.”

Not good enough, guys. A staple part of solid broadcasting coverage is the ability to react to the unexpected. If a fan had slid onto the ice carrying an offensive banner filled with profanity, would they have shown that too, in slow-mo, just because that’s how they typically do it?

American rights holder NBC was also caught by surprise by the incident but acted swiftly to rectify the situation in order to spare Papadakis from further embarrassment.

“Our coverage of ice dancing was live tonight,” an NBC statement to the Associated Press read. “Once a competitor's brief wardrobe issue became evident, we purposely used wider camera shots and carefully selected replays to keep the issue obscured. We have edited the video for all television encores and online replays.”

Papadakis and Cizeron vowed to come back strongly from the incident, which left Papadakis in tears as she was questioned by reporters. They sat in second place ahead of Tuesday’s free dance, and still in contention to overhaul the leaders, Canada’s Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.

Собственно видео инцидента, кому интересно:

Humanity Has Failed: Millennials Who Sank Boat They Couldn't Sail Get $13,000 In Donations For New Boat
[ By EMILY ZANOTTI | February 12, 2018 | via Daily Жире ]

The couple is looking to replace their "sunken dreams."

A pair of Millennials who thought they'd sell their possessions and live a carefree life, sailing from island to island on a 50-year-old boat — only to have their dreams dashed when they failed to learn how to sail and capsized their craft — have raised nearly $14,000 toward the purchase of a new boat.

Nikki Walsh and her boyfriend, Tanner Broadwell, along with the pair's pug, decided a year ago to abandon their lives as working stiffs, and the daily drudgery of paying taxes and living like human beings, buy a boat and sail from island to island, cataloging their adventures for social media.

“How can we live our lives when we’re working most of the day and you have to pay so much just to live?" they told the Washington Post.

The pair made good on their pledge; last year they sold their possessions and car, bought a 50-year-old boat, and moved into the craft full time. After making around $10,000 in repairs, they decided to embark on their journey, but there was only one problem: neither of them had bothered to learn how to sail.

They also did not buy insurance.

It's perhaps no surprise, then, that they capsized the boat on the first day, just as they were leaving Tarpon Springs to head to Key West. They were accidentally pulled into a channel, it seems, and ran aground on a sandbar. Fortunately neither were hurt, and the pair safely rescued their pooch.

But now the quintessential Millennial stereotypes want to try again, and they asked the Internet to furnish the $10,000 they need to salvage their wreck and start the process of purchasing a new boat. And despite the fact that the pair still doesn't know how to sail (possibly forgivable), and have not yet committed to insuring their next major purchase (not exactly forgivable), the internet has given until it hurts.

As of Monday afternoon, Walsh and Broadwell have raised $13,181.

“You only have one life. Why spend it doing what you don’t love. Money isn’t everything!” they told the Post, though they are still accepting checks.

[...] Просто физтеховцы занимаются всякой ерундой, поскольку они причастны к проведению всероссийских олимпиад по физике и по математике. Они снимают сливки, завлекают людей, отвлекая их от МГУ и других вузов, а потом гробят, потому что уже не способны учить современной физике и хорошо учить математике, я это знаю не понаслышке. Они могут вырастить образованного человека, а ученого они вырастить не могут. И куча победителей олимпиад, которые идут на Физтех вместо МГУ, в итоге загибаются.

Сергей Рукшин
заслуженный учитель РФ, к.ф.-м.н.

Я, кстати, всегда говорил, что эта мультипликационная серия -- образчик самой беззастенчивой индоктринации детишек англо-протестантской моралью и трудовой этикой:

The Repressive, Authoritarian Soul of “Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends”
[ Jia Tolentino | September 28, 2017 | via The New Yorker ]

When I was a child, I could spend all day at Shining Time Station, the fictive train depot with its own eponymous TV show, where Thomas the Tank Engine and all his plate-faced locomotive friends worked and lived. To my undeveloped brain, each episode seemed like a beautiful daydream, in which an orderly, magical, trance-inducing universe ticked on under bluebird skies. For company, there was the Conductor, voiced first by Ringo Starr and later by George Carlin, and then the trains: gentle blue Edward, moody green Henry, big strong Gordon, little red James, and, of course, Thomas, with his pointed eyebrows and perpetual smile. The show, which included segments that had first aired on a British show called “Thomas & Friends,” began airing on PBS in 1989, and each episode opened with a Joe Cocker-ish theme song: “Reach for the steam, reach for the whistle, go where the railway runs/ Reach for the words, reach for the story, follow the rainbow sun.” I would hum along. How could I possibly have imagined that, decades later, I would get lost in obscure corners of the Internet where people interpret the show—at length—as a depiction of a premodern corporate-totalitarian dystopia? далееCollapse )
Просто гениальное, а считаю, решение:

[...] С нового года, чтобы не увеличивать сумму, но формально удвоить ее, ФАНО поставило ученых института перед фактом: все сотрудники должны написать заявление о переводе на полставки. Таким образом [...] формально удвоили зарплату — не добавив ни копейки.

полный текстCollapse )
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