May 2nd, 2013


о модельном бизнесе

Cameron Russell: Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model.
TEDxMidAtlantic conference, Washington DC, October 2012 [ via TED ]

Камерон Расселл[wiki] рвёт, что называется, покровы. Пост возник по мотивам дискуссий в пятничной рубрике.

Вообще-то не совсем по теме, но не мог не заметить этот пассаж:
I have to inform you that in 2007, a very inspired NYU Ph.D. student counted all the models on the runway, every single one that was hired, and of the 677 models that were hired, only 27, or less than four percent, were non-white.
Очередной раз переосмыслил собственные годы в аспирантуре :)

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об утятах

Нет, ну вот это вот я понимаю -- «привет Дмитрию Евгеньевичу» :)

[ via Yahoo!News ]
HONG KONG - MAY 02: Dutch conceptual artist, Florentijin Hofman's Floating duck sculpture called "Spreading Joy Around the World", is moved into Victoria Harbour on May 2, 2013 in Hong Kong. The "Rubber Duck", which is 16.5 meters high, will be in Hong Kong from May 2 to June 9. Since 2007, "Rubber Duck" has been traveling to 10 countries and 12 cities.