February 4th, 2016


о '..., а студентки второго курса -- никогда'

Как интересно, оказывается, живут учОные-биологи. Я бы даже сказал с огоньком:

Chicago Professor Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Investigation
[ by AMY HARMONFEB. 2, 2016 | via The New York Times ]

A prominent molecular biologist at the University of Chicago has resigned after a university recommendation that he be fired for violating the school’s sexual misconduct policy. His resignation comes amid calls for universities to be more transparent about sexual harassment in their science departments, where women account for only one-quarter of senior faculty jobs.

The professor, Jason Lieb, 43, made unwelcome sexual advances to several female graduate students at an off-campus retreat of the molecular biosciences division, according to a university investigation letter obtained by The New York Times, and engaged in sexual activity with a student who was “incapacitated due to alcohol and therefore could not consent.”

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P.S. прицепом ещё две истории

о суперновых, экзопланетах, языке без костей и шаловливых ручках

Прицепом к предыдущему -- учОные-астрофизики в Калтехе живут менее интересно, я бы даже сказал без огонька. Оно, впрочем, и понятно -- Калтех, да ещё и астрофизика.

He Fell In Love With His Grad Student — Then Fired Her For It
[ Azeen Ghorayshi | Jan. 12, 2016 | via BuzzFeed ]

Christian Ott, a young astrophysics professor at Caltech, engaged in “discriminatory and harassing” behavior toward two female graduate students, a university investigation has found.

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У учОных-астрономов в Беркли огоньку малась побо́ле:

Famous Berkeley Astronomer Violated Sexual Harassment Policies Over Many Years
[ Azeen Ghorayshi | Oct. 9, 2015 | via BuzzFeed ]

A university investigation into astronomer Geoff Marcy, exclusively obtained by BuzzFeed News, has determined that he violated sexual harassment policies at UC Berkeley. Marcy has written a public apology, though he denies some of the investigation’s findings.

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