Herr Oberst (herr_0berst) wrote,
Herr Oberst

о пятой колонне

На работе прослушал очередную обязательную лекцию по технике безопасности. Ну там всё прекрасно, как на вышеупомянутой технике безопасности в лучшие советские годы.

Например, вопрос: какими методами можно передавать конфиденциальную цифровую информацию? Варианты ответов: емейл, DVD болванка и т.п. ... Внимание, правильный ответ: разрешенными инструкцией методами передачи конфиденциальной информации.

Или вот, пожалуйста, про то, как выявлять врагов народа внутри организации:
Unfortunately, outside attackers or strangers are not the only threat to our organization; people you know from within our organization can also cause harm. This threat is called the Insider Threat. An Insider is a trusted member of our organization, such as an employee or contractor that intentionally causes harm, such as infecting our computers, causing our network to crash or stealing confidential information. If you see the following behavior, you should report it immediately to your supervisor or our security team:
  • Someone asking for access to information they do not need access to in order to perform their job.

  • Someone carrying a large number of documents out of the organization or transferring extremely large files when they are not working on any projects that require such information.

  • Someone working strange hours and coming into the office when no one else is around;

  • Someone trying to log into someone else’s accounts or asking someone to give them access to a secure area such as a data center.

  • Someone you work with suddenly changes his or her behavior. For example they used to be very friendly, show up at work on time and be well dressed, but now they avoid any interaction, show up to work consistently late and appear to have poor hygiene.

Истину вам говорю, грядёт 37-й год!
Tags: humor, job, panoptikos, popculture

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