Herr Oberst (herr_0berst) wrote,
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о приличествующем купальном костюме для 3-летней девочки

Есть расхожее мнение -- и, надо отметить, зачастую справедливое -- что в Штатах с определёнными вопросами общественной культуры наблюдается определённый, так сказать, перекос. Ну там англо-протестантская мораль и всё такое. А тут, поди ж ты, предоминантно франко-католическая, казалось бы, мораль, а тем не менее:
[ via SunNews ] MONTREAL - A mother says lifeguards violently threw her and her three-year-old girl out of a Montreal pool because the child wasn't wearing her bikini top.

Veronica Shapiro told QMI Agency that her daughter was injured at a pool north of downtown on Wednesday.

A lifeguard asked her to cover up her daughter and told her to leave when the mother refused.

Shapiro claims one lifeguard pinned her to the ground while she held her child in her arms.

The little girl suffered a bruised forehead, says Shapiro, who claims to have screamed but made no threatening moves.

"I was naive enough to think that lifeguards were there to save lives, not to send children to the hospital," said Shapiro, who plans to file a police complaint.

A borough spokesman told QMI Agency that it has already filed a complaint against Shapiro.

A spokesman tells QMI the lifeguard asked the woman to cover up her child so as not to attract attention from pedophiles.

The borough is also launching an internal investigation.

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