Herr Oberst (herr_0berst) wrote,
Herr Oberst

о, в некотором смысле, понедельнике, начинающемся в субботу

На этот раз, как можно видеть, Ommegang даже и начала сезона дожидаться не стал -- "Valar Morghulis" Dubbel Ale:
In the world of Westeros, Valar Morghulis means “all men must die.” Fans of the hit HBO show chose the foreboding phrase as the name of the newest beer in the Game of Thrones® collaboration between HBO and Brewery Ommegang. As part of a Facebook poll, fan voting determined the style and name of the next beer. An Abbey Dubbel was selected and it is perfectly represented by the “two- headed” coin given to Arya Stark by Jaqen H’ghar, one of the “Faceless Men of Braavos” – legendary assassins with the ability to change their appearances at will.
Wegmans | Northern VA | October 2014
Tags: blog, c2h5oh, movie, mphoto, photo

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