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о 'перед прочтением -- сжечь'

Из комментов к малопримечательной статейке "What Your Job Interviewer CAN’T Ask You" на Монстере:
Not if you're a true tech-weenie paranoid like me. I keep virtually everything secret (even this computer is showing the ip address of Google's primary domain name server, I can make it look like I'm in any country in the world. I also do everything through systems like TOR and an obscure VPN run by grad students in and equally obscure Asian country that uses stealth server addresses of other grad students all over the world. I can appear to be in Bulgaria tomorrow and the Seychelles the next day (handy for all you p2p'ers out there). I have one email address that traces back to India and several to literally nowhere. I use only a burner phone when going places I don't want to be tracked (and have seemingly transparent plates on my license plates that thwart traffic cameras). I have had an account on the internet for 32 years, yet you would be lucky to find five or more hits using my real name (I actually get 7 hits if you spell my name wrong). Even my userid here does not track me back to a real identity on Monster. I do virtually all physical transactions for cash and on-line transactions with bitcoins.

I wrote my own encryption program based on one that requires staggeringly immense brute force effort to break. It can only be broken by brute force since it doesn't apply the password directly to the cleartext to encrypt it, so the password can't be extracted. Many quadrillions of tries must be made by a supercomputer to return encrypted text to cleartext, and all I have to do is encrypt the original encrypted text using a different password, initialization number, salt number, salt variation interval, and salt variation incrementor and the number of brute-force tries becomes that total number of tries raised to the power of that same number of tries (quadrillions to the quadrillions power. Even the fastest Chinese 33 PetaFLOP supercomputers (ours only do 16 PetaFLOPS) would not be able to try every combination within anything short of geological time.

I've got a dozen other layers between myself and the world-wide surveillance datamine run by the NSA and others.

I don't do this because I want to do anything wrong, but just as a matter of principle - because I actually believe in privacy and am fighting as hard as I can to protect mine. It ain't perfect, to be sure, but it does make the electronic snoops' work a helluva lot more difficult. I could live completely off the grid if I ever needed to, but don't want to give up ALL of my electronic toys.
Что могу сказать, обращаясь к автору, -- the force is, как говорится, strong with you, not-so-young Jedi.
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