Herr Oberst (herr_0berst) wrote,
Herr Oberst

о парковых скамейках и отпускных днях

Из небезынтересного в некоторых отношениях текста первых впечатлений американца в России:
[...] There must be some math equation that correlates the number of park benches in a given city to the number of vacation days given by the average employer in said society. [For the Russians reading this: in America, there are very few benches at all anywhere, and no one uses any vacation days (hO: да!). We are inexplicably proud of this, too. This is because the people who founded America were Puritan assholes who thought that God would not let you into heaven unless you put in massive amounts of overtime for your boss. Thankfully, the idea of proudly renting your life away did not catch on in almost any other country on Earth (hi, Japan!)].
Tags: apa, global, popculture, russia, usa

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