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о диверсификации и 'kode with karlie'

Поскольку понедельник, пост должен быть про работу, ведь правда?

Как услужливо сообщает нам всё тот же Forbes, в 2014-м году Karlie Kloss сковала на непосильном труде фотомодели $4M. Карли, однако, в свои двадцать три не почила на лаврах, а активно, как услужливо сообщает нам Wall Street Journal, исследует альтернативные карьерные варианты:
[...] This year she [Karlie Kloss] enrolled in Gallatin, New York University’s independent study program; ... ; and studied computer coding at Manhattan’s Flatiron School. The latter gave rise to Kode with Karlie, an initiative aimed at encouraging girls to study computer science.
Это, вероятно, затем, чтобы не собирать потом, как Даутцен, своими руками мебель из Икеи.

Model Karlie Kloss Takes Off
[ By Elisa Lipsky-Karasz | Nov. 23, 2015 | via Wall Street Journal ]

The top model–turned–college student aims to make a big impact on and off the runway, with Kode with Karlie, her new YouTube channel, Klossy, and going back to school.

IN THE ’80S teen flick Weird Science, two nerdy guys conjure up a beautiful woman who makes them instantly cool. On a fall day in New York’s SoHo, it seems as if two young men at the do-it-yourself invention store littleBits have done just that when a svelte, black-clad 23-year-old suddenly joins them at a back table. She tinkers with pieces of electrical circuitry and strikes up a discussion of computer microchips. “It goes back to binary code,” she says. “Or chemistry,” one guy interjects, asking, “Was it silicon and then germanium?” “Silicon was the later evolution for transistors,” she says.

As he recommends that she read The Idea Factory, a book about research facility Bell Labs, it’s unclear if he knows he is speaking to the model Karlie Kloss. Yet her 3.4 million Instagram followers and fans of her personal YouTube channel, Klossy, know that today she could just as easily be making apple crumble with her friend Taylor Swift as working on a Vogue shoot with photographer Mario Testino. Paparazzi lie in wait for her to leave the store—“There’s no getting used to that,” says the St. Louis, Missouri, native, striding across West Broadway. As she nibbles on french fries at the Soho Grand Hotel, several teenagers and a German tourist ask her to pose for selfies. Ever helpful and gracious, Kloss snaps each herself.

Though Kloss is still actively modeling—her ad contracts this season include Diane von Furstenberg, Kate Spade, Joe Fresh and Marc Fisher—she has other ambitions. This year she enrolled in Gallatin, New York University’s independent study program; signed with Scooter Braun (known for managing Justin Bieber’s career); and studied computer coding at Manhattan’s Flatiron School. The latter gave rise to Kode with Karlie, an initiative aimed at encouraging girls to study computer science. “I was craving a new challenge,” says Kloss, who has achieved fashion success on par with her mentor, supermodel Christy Turlington Burns. “Karlie is like a thoroughbred,” says Vogue fashion director Tonne Goodman. “She has the best kind of ambition, which propels her forward but in a generous way. She understands the power of success.”

“I’ve had a firsthand education from the greats, whether it be seeing [photographer] Steven Meisel set his lights or having Oscar de la Renta drape a gown on my body,” says Kloss, who was plucked from her freshman year of high school to walk exclusively for the Calvin Klein runway show in 2007. The current interest in coding was spurred by an epiphany about her friend, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom. “I thought he had the idea and then paid someone else to build the actual product,” she says. “I had no idea he knew how to code. It’s so important.” Right now, she says, “I’m just learning the ABCs.”

In Kloss-speak, fashion has given her a “platform” that she wants to parlay into even greater influence, just as her baking hobby led to Karlie’s Kookies, which benefit the organization FEED and the Council of Fashion Designers of America. “The aspiration for the Kookies is to take it to the next level and make it like Newman’s Own,” she says, referring to the late actor Paul Newman’s line of food products, which benefit charity. But in the meantime, there are papers due for her NYU writing class and a philharmonic to attend with Annette de la Renta, Oscar’s widow and another Kloss mentor.

“I want to be doing my day job for a very long time,” says Kloss. “But I also want to grow businesses and make a meaningful impact.”

Karlie Kloss | WSJ Magazine December 2015 | ph. Maciek Kobielski

... и некоторые иллюстрации, хехе, не попавшие в вышеупомянутый текст, невзирая на то, что он озаглавлен "Model Karlie Kloss Takes Off" (ЕВПОЧЯ):

Karlie Kloss | Vogue Italia December 2011
Body by Kloss | photographed by Steven Meisel

и видео:

NB: К слову сказать, вышеприведённые фото из итальянского Вога вызвали в своё время в определённом сегменте прессы и инторнетов некую бурю в стакане. По поводу чего и в рамках концепции "наш ответ Чемберлену"™ и было выложено в общий доступ вышприведённое видео.
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