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о футболе, неколько неожиданно

Marilyn Lange
Playboy June 1975 outtake
featured in: Special Collector’s Edition Beach Babes, May 2016
photographed by Dwight Hooker

о футболе — под катом

Marilyn Lange | Playboy June 1975 - Playmate of the Year
ph. Dwight Hooker

ах, да — про футбол:

At that time, she lived in Hawaii and played soccer. As a publicity stunt, the Chicago Sting of the men’s North American Soccer League selected her in the final round of the 1976 draft.

Jim Walker, general manager of the Chicago Sting said “We liked what we saw”. Lange was picked for the Sting’s sixth draft choice. In the end she only did some promotional work for the team, and the North American Soccer League. Marilyn was quoted as having said: “I wish I were a guy so I could really play.”

She never played in a game for the Sting.
Chicago Tribune, Thursday January 15, 1976

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