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Точка зрения, да:

[ ... ] What trumps a perfect SAT score when being admitted to an Ivy League college?

Getting a “1” in one of Harvard’s four categories:
  1. Athletics: Varsity player sought out by a coach for the “collegiate” level. High school stardom gets you a “2.”

  2. Academics: Published author or science fair winner. High school perfect grades and board scores only get you a “2.”

  3. Extracurriculars: Founder of a successful start up or non-profit managing adults. High school club, class or student body officer over other students only gets you a “2.”

  4. Personality: Social media sensation like Olivia Jade Giannulli. Olivia Jade -. Yes, she probably had a “ticket” to Harvard despite mediocre academics, except that her mother was too dumb to realize it. High school or “local” celebrity gets you a “2.”

Такими темпами скоро при поступлении в приличную среднюю школу будет весьма приветствоваться руководство успешным стартапом. По непроверенным слухам в TJHSST – уже.
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