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PJIAE to open as planned on August 1st to US flights.
[ 29 July 2020 | via SXM News ]

~ Internal border controls begin by French Authorities on Friday.~

PHILIPSBURG:--- Minister of TEATT Ludmilla de Weever announced at the Council of Ministers press briefing that the government of St. Maarten will go ahead and reopen its borders (Princess Juliana International Airport ) as of August 1st to flights coming from US ports. De Weever said the flights have been reduced, however, there are 5 flights that will be coming from Florida.

The Minister further explained that inspections were conducted at restaurants and hotels to ensure all businesses catering to tourists are prepared and have in place the necessary requirements based on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs also announced that the Prefete of St. Martin Sylvie Feucher informed her on Wednesday morning that the French authorities will begin internal border controls as of midday on Friday, July 31st. Jacobs said that the Prefete informed her that there are concerns with the increased amount of COVID-19 cases on St. Maarten and as such the French Minister of Overseas Affairs believes that the necessary controls must take place. Jacobs further stated that while the Dutch side has 45 active cases, the French side has 8 positive cases. Persons wishing to go over to St. Maarten must secure the necessary documents from the Prefecture of St. Martin. Prime Minister Jacobs said that persons traveling to St. Maarten for work, health-related purposes as well as caring for their elderly relatives will be allowed to cross the border but they must secure permission from the French authorities.

Jacobs said that the Dutch side of the island will not be participating in the scheduled controls at the borders.
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