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o причудливо тасуемой колоде

My name is Vita. I’m coming from two different sides of the world. Yakutia and Afghanistan. They are separated by thousands of kilometers. It’s not an easy place to live and I feel like my ancestors paid huge karma for me to be born the way I am in the beautiful safe city of St. Petersburg. Even though I’m not familiar with the culture I just felt in my soul I did not belong anywhere. So I could roam the world freely since I was 16 with no hard feelings. The best way to see the world when you have 0 in your bank account is to start modeling. I was very lucky. I saw the whole world, lived in the biggest bustling cities like NY, Tokyo, London. I saw the beauty of nature in Taiwan, white sand in Barbados, and vast Amazon forests… I have changed my life direction several times. From living in Russia to Singapore and now I’m settled in Barcelona.
Vita Mir
Magnifik magazine Issue #3 2021
Menorca, Spain
photographed by David Bellemere

/ flipped image /

оттуда же ‐‐ Vita Mir | Magnifik mag Issue #3 2021
Menorca, Spain | ph. David Bellemere

"ну и чтоб два раза не вставать"™

Cindy Crawford | for Esquire December 1995 | "Pinups" | ph. Timothy White
raw unreleased photo


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