Herr Oberst (herr_0berst) wrote,
Herr Oberst

об условиях труда

Официальное письмо профессора, руководителя группы своему научному сотруднику в чине постдока [ via pekines ]:

I would like to provide for you in written form what is expected from you as a member of the research group. In addition to the usual work-day schedule, I expect all the members of the group to to work evenings and and weekends. You will find that this is the norm here at Caltech. On occasion, I understand that personal matters will make demands on your time which will require you to be away from you respnsibilities to the laboratory. However, it is not acceptable to me wehn it becomes a habit.

I have noticed that you have failed to come in to the lab on several weekends, and more recently have failed to show up in the evenings. Moreover, in addition to such time off, you recently requested some vacation. I have no problem with vacation tme that is well earned, but I do have a problem with continuous vacation and time off that interferes with the project. I find this very annoying and disruptive to your science.

I expect you to correct your work-ethic immediately.

I receive at least one post-doctoral application each day from the US and around the world. I you are unabel to meet the expected work schedule, I am sure that I can find someone else as an appropriate replacement for this important project.

Erick M. Carreira

UPD: Гвидо, оказывается, несмотря на временные сложности, не пропал в этой жизни :)
Tags: job, panoptikos, phd, science, usa

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